Thank you for your interest in the BEST Academy middle school educational program. Since the number of applicants for a particular grade level may exceed the positions available, a random selection process (or lottery) will be used to determine enrollment. Students who were not initially selected for enrollment will be placed on a numbered waiting list and will be notified if a position becomes available.
Students who meet the sibling preference eligibility are exempt from the lottery process and are automatically accepted after completing the lottery application below as well as an enrollment packet.

The enrollment of students receiving ESE (exceptional student education) services will be provisional and subject to the final determination made by the IEP team. The IEP team must agree that the charter school is the best available placement option.

Choosing a middle school is an important decision that requires some thought and considerable research. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our unique educational program and answer any questions you may have. We would also like you to know that a campus visit and student tour is a required part of the application process. Please feel free to read through the Frequently Asked Questions posted on the next screen. If you should have any additional questions we invite you to contact us using the email address provided.
When finished, filling out and signing the PDF form below, please email it to frontoffice@flbestacademy.org