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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools that operate under a performance contract, or a “charter” which frees them from most rules and state statutes created for traditional public schools. As part of the contract, charter schools are held strictly accountable for academic and financial results.
Charter schools were created to:
· improve student learning and academic achievement.
· increase learning opportunities for students.
· encourage the use of innovative learning methods.
· require the measurement of learning outcomes.

Which grade levels are offered?

BEST Academy is a charter middle school, offering classes for grades 6, 7 and 8.

Does BEST Academy charge tuition?

No. BEST Academy is a public tuition-free charter school.

Does my child have to take a test to qualify for admission?

No tests are required for admission to BEST Academy, just an interest in learning (especially science and technology), and a strong work ethic.

Does BEST Academy offer a comprehensive educational program?

Yes! BEST Academy offers an enhanced educational program covering all of the required middle school courses, such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology and Social Studies, as well as an Education Beyond the Classroom (EBC) field-activity program.

What is expected of a BEST Academy Parent?

Parents are expected to support the mission of the school, meet quarterly with the BEST staff to discuss their child’s progress, contribute time and/or talent to the school, assist their children with certain homework assignments, keep appointments, ensure uninterrupted attendance, participate in all student-parent events, complete volunteer hours and support the teachers and administration. 

Can BEST Academy students participate in middle school athletic programs?

Yes, through our arrangements with the Hernando County School Board, BEST Academy seventh and eighth grade students may participate in the sporting programs offered by their zoned county middle school. Currently middle schools offer softball, basketball, track, football, tennis, volleyball , golf, and cheerleading.

Are BEST Academy students required to wear uniforms?

While uniforms are not required, BEST Academy does have a conservative dress code which prohibits clothing which is distracting or disruptive. However, BEST Academy students are required to wear a “team shirt” on their EBC field activity day. A detailed dress code policy will be provided upon enrollment.

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